Monday, May 26, 2014

Venice: Palazzo Grassi - The Illusion of Light Exhibition

 Photograph – copyright courtesy Palazzo Grassi – Orsenigo Chemollo

Venice: Palazzo Grassi - The Illusion of Light Exhibition.  The exhibition “The Illusion of Light” at Palazzo Grassi, until December 31, curated by Caroline Bourgeois, explores the physical, aesthetic, symbolic, philosophical and political stakes of an essential dimension of human experience that has also been, since (at least) the Renaissance, a fundamental element of art: light.
Above: Latifa Echakhch - Fantome (Jasmin) - 2012 / A Chaque Stencil une Revolution, 2007. Courtesy the artist and Kamel Mennour, Paris
 Pinault Collection 
installation on view at Palazzo Grassi 2014.


Venice: Palazzo Grassi - The Illusion of Light Exhibition.  It is the light that makes the invisible dimension become visible. The blazing light that, at its maximum intensity, nullifies the ability to actually see. The light of revelation, of illumination, which brings us beyond the visible… The exhibition is built on these extremes and, through the works of eighteen artists from the 1960s to today, evokes the profound ambivalence of light, its numerous meanings and values.
Above: Doug Wheeler – D – N SF 12 PG VI – 2012. 

Paola Manfredi and Martin Bethenod

Palazzo Grassi - The Illusion of Light: Vidya Gastaldon  - Escalator (Rainbow Rain) – 2007

 Yaya and Vittorio Coin

Cecilia Rossi Colussi, Franco and Vitti Zoppas

Palazzo Grassi - The Illusion of Light: Bruce Conner – Crossroads – 1976

Marco Loredan and Manuela Luca Dazio

Melanie Van Ogtrop, Paola Caovilla and Paola Gradi

Palazzo Grassi - The Illusion of Light. The visitor can discover  “Light” as if going through all the synonyms of the verbs “to light up”, “bring to light”, “come to light”, “shed light on” provided by languages: appear, bring to notice, clarify, comment on, detect, dig up, disclose, elucidate, emerge, enlighten, explain, expose, identify, lay bare, manifest, materialize, reveal, set alight, set on fire, shine, show up, transpire, turn up, uncover, unearth, unveil…
Above: Claire Tabouret – Les Veilleurs - 2014.

Daniela Ferretti

Ketty Alvera, Luca and Isabella Castagna

Palazzo Grassi - The Illusion of Light: Danh Vo – Autoerotic Asphyxiation - installation – 2010 

Paola Goppion

  Veronica and Luca  Marzotto

Palazzo Grassi - The Illusion of Light.   The exhibition does not exhaust the vast field of questions posed by contemporary artists on the concept of Light. However, it encourages the visitors to invent, in absolute freedom and in light of their own intelligence and sensibility, their path between the opposite polarities of black and white, day and night, reality and illusion.
Above: Philippe Parreno – Marquee – 2013.

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