Sunday, April 27, 2014

Milan: Furniture Fair – Brera Design District

Milan: Furniture Fair – Brera District – Baccarat. In the church of San Carpoforo in the Brera design district Baccarat celebrated it’s 250th anniversary. The striking exhibition that highlighted the opulence of the crystal in contrast to the austerity of bare stonewalls. The installation was a "lifestyle", project that turned the church into a real house in which every room, from the living room to the bedroom, was permeated by the richness of Baccarat crystal.

Above. Philippe Starck – Zenith  84 lamp chandelier.

Baccarat. Philippe Starck – Zenith Image chandelier. The chandelier  is one of the legendary pieces of Baccarat. Introduced for the first time around the middle of the nineteenth century, it was presented here  as an experimental prototype; it uses advanced electronic technology developed by ST Microelectronics. This "concept chandelier"  is the first of its kind to combine light and moving images; a pico projector, placed under the shade shows a series of enigmatic images.


Baccarat. Marcel Wanders – New Antique transparent vase in crystal and marble.

Furniture Fair – Brera District – Dimore Studio. In the design gallery Dimore Studio Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci continue to decorate the apartment with specially selected furniture and objects,  “Our study, already known for its versatility, allows you to move between design, art, architecture and fashion. Our clients are companies of fashion and interior design, but also private. For both of us like to interpret and actualize their dreams.” They explain.
Above. Wall sculpture by Jere Curtis, small bronze table by Osanna Visconti di Modrone, sofa 08.

Dimore Studio. Oval table DS 068, screen DS70, chairs DS 068, wall carpet DS03, light DS054.

Dimore Studio. Chandelier by DS 054, on the walls Gio Ponti wallpaper for Fromental and his bathroom fixtures c. 1953.

Furniture Fair – Brera District – Paola C. At PaolaC. a beautiful collection of tableware entitled New Roman designed by Jamie Hayon.
Above.  Jamie Hayon - Colosseum.

Paola C.New Roman tableware collection – Jamie Hayon.

Furniture Fair – Brera District – Missoni Wonderland. Missoni Wonderland was created in the Missoni Via Solferino space.   Missoni brand’s patterns and zigzags and shaded tones, were translated onto the walls with plates, cups, mugs and teapots from the Missoni by Richard Ginori collaboration collection.  Designer Rosita Missoni stands by her colorful designs.

Missoni Wonderland.   As if in a colorful tent a mirrored upside down long table was created on the ceiling attracted visitors with the new Missoni by Richard Ginori tableware collection.

Bloggers Eleonora Carisi and Candela Novembre bang on trend with their stripes minis.

Rosita Missoni designed striped tableware for Missoni by Richard Ginori.

Furniture Fair – Brera District – Dilmos.  The meeting of two historic Milanese companies, Dilmos and De Vecchi generates the Santambrogio collection designed by Andrea Branzi, which attempts to update the forms and lightness, combining the precious character with the transparency of plexiglas.


Dilmos. “Historically silver has had a firmly established image.  The Santambrogio collection, produced in a numbered series, seeks to rejuvenate its shapes and lightness by combining the preciousness of silver with the transparencies of Plexiglas." Andrea Branzi.

 Dilmos’s Sergio Riva with his dog Gia and rafia loafers by Dolce e Gabbana.

Furniture Fair – Brera District – Raw.  In Raw’s new store in the Brera district a display of Malle W. Trousseau. Malle W. Trousseau assembles a careful selection of tools that are essential for enjoyable cooking: objects that are designed above all to be used, and not just to please the eye, even if they do that too. Over the years they made a selection based on a tool’s intrinsic integrity, its practicality and on three fundamental criteria: the object must be Well thought-out, Well designed and Well made.

Raw. Malle W. Trousseau.   Malle W. Trousseau, Designed by Isabelle Mathez and Fredéric Winkler because “When our daughter Dalva was leaving home, she asked us “Can I take the Corsican knife and the chopping board that Jules made and…” And that reminded us of the trousseau that our grandparents would receive when they got married.”

Raw. Wall and Deco wallpaper.    The Wall and Deco wallpaper designed by the Raw duo called In Mind wallpaper takes it’s inspiration from a chest they have in the store.

Furniture Fair – Brera District – Agape.  At Agape highlights of domestic landscapes, furniture, surfaces and more.   
Above. Pans designed by Nendo for KnIndustrie.


Furniture Fair – Brera District – Galleria Clio Calvi Rudy Volpi.   At the Galleria ClioCalvi Rudy Volpi, the Andrea Branzi Solid Dreams exhibition.  “The remoteness of culture of design in real history, instead of being reduced, increases with the passage of time.  The real story is not built by the economics, politics or the market, but also (and especially) from a universe immaterial, by information, services, myths dreams.” Andrea Branzi.


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