Thursday, January 16, 2014

Milano: Marni Men’s F/W 2014-2015 collection

Milano: Marni Men’s F/W 2014-2015 collection. Marni’s loft showroom was the venue for the Men’s Fall/Winter 2014-2105 presentation.   A video of the collection was shown on giant screens, whilst press and buyers could view the collection up close in a separate room.  The collection which runs from sport to classic, workwear to tailoring, utility to luxury, army to office is taken apart, dissected and re-arranged in a mix that is quintessentially Marni: dry yet soulful, precise with a certain carelessness, graphic. The result is a comprehensive wardrobe that covers the needs and demands of daily life using what is known and familiar in an off-kilter kind of way. Cohesion comes through a loose sense of volume, deceptive textures, fur used as an accent.

Marni’s Consuelo and Gianni Castiglioni

                                                                         photograph courtesy Marni                                                    


Marni Men’s F/W 2014-2015.  The bomber and the parka are occasionally morphed into one.

Karla Otto


Marni Men’s F/W 2014-2015.  The fur collar recurs throughout, in and out of context, replacing the scarf to provide warmth in a graphic way.

buyers and press

 photograph courtesy Marni

Marni Men’s F/W 2014-2015.  The pillars of the masculine repertoire are distilled to their essence in a quest for soft classicism that keeps a slightly subcultural tingle: the tailored suit, slim and crisp, halfway between an urban staple and  a work uniform; the Crombie coat is seen in a textural vein; the trench coat is reduced to a blueprint; the bomber and the parka are occasionally morphed into one.

Marni Men’s F/W 2014-2015.  Belgian stylist and blogger Thomas Vanden Bogaerde and interior designer Keon Eeckhout view the printed T-shirts by French artist Francois-Xavier Tavy-Sacley. One of the three artists from the Outsider Art group to which Marni pays homage.

Marni Men’s F/W 2014-2015. Celebrity food designer and consultant Corrado Calza’s petit Tarte Tatins and Cheesecakes, just two of the delicious amuse bouches, along with mini the Gnocchi alla Romana con Erbe we tasted.

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