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Venice: Ca Pesaro - Camera 1953-1964 - The Years of Romeo Martinez exhibition

Venice: Ca Pesaro - Camera 1953-1964 - The Years of Romeo Martinez exhibition. On the ground floor of Ca Pesaro, the International Gallery of Art Museum, Camera 1953/1964, The years of Romeo Martinez an exhibition curated by Francesca Dolzani and Silvio Fuso (until february 16) which celebrates the influence, support and promotion of European photography which Romeo Martinez had as the editor of the renowned Swiss photographic magazine Camera during the ‘50s and ‘60s, at a time when industry, advertising and fashion resorted to the strategic use of the image.
Above: A photograph of Romeo Martinez taken in Saint Mark’s Square in 1959 by Vittorio Piergiovanni. The exhibition is enriched with precious unpublished materials from the private archives of Martinez, and chosen with particular reference to his presence in Venice, where he organized the International Venice Photograhy Biennale between 1957 to 1965.

Some of the covers of Camera magazine.

“It is impossible to over-estimate the influence of Romeo Martinez on the development of contemporary photography.  Through his years as the editor of Camera, he gave photographers of all ages, nationalities, and persuasions a showcase in the magazine.  He lavished on us, his friends and collaborators, his understanding of the medium, his passionate interest and advocacy of photographic or (our) personal causes, his knowledge of printing techniques, his taste and intuition.”
Cornell Capa

 Photograph courtesy Ca Pesaro

The cover of the catalog for the II International Venice Biennale  of Photography, 1959 – photograph by Arik Nepo curated by Romeo Martinez.

In the photograph taken in Venice in 1961 by Walter Boje; Man Ray, Fritz Gruber, Morris Gordon and Romeo Martinez.
“Martinez is, in my humble opinion, the father confessor of many photographers who came to him begging for absolution.  His greatest sin is never having asked them for any offerings for his worship of photography.  He knows each of us better than we know ourselves.”
Henri Cartier-Bresson

Camera 1953-1964 - The Years of Romeo Martinez. The curators of the exhibition, Silvio Fuso, who is also the director of Ca Pesaro and Francesca Dolzani.

 Camera 1953-1964 - The Years of Romeo Martinez. Martinez enlightened magazine editor, curator of the Venice Biennale of Photography and promoter of major international publishing projects.

“Martinez was the earliest true connoisseur of photography.  He was the first person to really respect photography.  And he, in turn, brought respect to it."
Andre Kertesz
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