Sunday, July 14, 2013

Treviso: Modesign - BA_Walk Graduation Fashion Show.

Treviso: Modesign.  Over three days the city of Treviso was animated by a series of extraordinary events called Modesign; seminars, exhibitions, workshops, fashion shows and talks with distinguished guests from the world of fashion. This was the starting block of the first section of the creative platform, Modesign and was entitled Fashion at IUAV, dedicated to Fashion Design, a project of IUAV University of Venice, which aims to bring together creative enterprises and universities in the Northeast of Italy. The second Modesign event will take place in October and will focus on design.

Treviso: Edmondo De Amicis School - BA_Walk IUAV Graduation Show. The BA_Walk Graduation Fashion Show was curated by the Kinkaleri group and was held in the gardens of the Edmondo De Amicis Elementary School. On the glossy catwalk, “ghosts” presented the accessories designed by the students.

BA_Walk IUAV Graduation Show.  Cristiano Seganfreddo and Maria Luisa Frisa director of the BA (Hons) program for Fashion Design at the IUAV University of Venice, author and fashion historian, celebrate the success of the fashion show.

 FROW: Dean of the IUAV University of Venice Amerigo Restucci and Daniela Zanussi.


FROW: Corriere della Sera’s Giusi Ferre.

BA_Walk IUAV Graduation Show

FROW:  One of a Kind couturier Art/C and Central Saint Martins Christopher New.

FROW: Drome’s Stefan Pollack, Vestoj’s Anja Aronowsky Cronberg and a man who works with ideas Kristopher Arden-Houser.

FROW: Architect Marino Folin and Emanuela Bassetti.

BA_Walk IUAV Graduation Show clothes by Giulia Geromei.


FROW: Maria Luisa Zacchello, Laura Lena Aldo Tomasin and Cristiana Costanzo.

FROW: Vjera Bonifacic.

BA_Walk IUAV Graduation Show

FROW: Fizzifrizzi's Simone Sbarbati, Fashion Beyond Fashion’s Nunzia Garoffolo and fashion designer Silvano Arnoldo.

FROW: Blogger and personal shopper Anna Turcato.

FROW: Pizza magazine’s Andrea Batilla, designer Matteo Cibic and Alessandro Gori.

  BA_Walk IUAV Graduation Show – clothes by Teresa Tognazzi.

 FROW: Pier’s CEO Marzia Narduzzi.

FROW: IUAV’s professor Maria Bonifacic with her husband, architect, Mario Spinelli and their daughters Maja and Alma.

FROW: Cesare De Michelis.

BA_Walk IUAV Graduation Show – clothes by Andrea Renosto.

 FROW: Design PR Evelina Bazzo.

FROW:  Chiara Fagella, Alessandra Vaccari and Louise Wallenberg.

BA_Walk IUAV Graduation Show – clothes by Edoardo Gallorini.

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