Sunday, June 09, 2013

Venice: Palazzo Franchetti – Emmanuel Babled – Osmosi

 Venice: Palazzo Franchetti – Emmanuel Babled – Osmosi. At Palazzo Franchetti overlooking the Grand Canal and the Accademia Bridge, until July 28, Emmanuel Babled’s Osmosi exhibition. Osmosi is an edition of vessels designed by Emmanuel Babled, which consist of glass and marble pieces, marrying the two materials into sculptural objects, furniture and lighting.

Emmanuel Babled – Osmosi.  The designer is intrigued by the natural beauty of glass with its potential of transparency and colors and especially the fluidity of the form. He believes that the process of hand-blowing glass contains a natural, random graciousness. Meaning something he didn’t design but finds during the production process as a gift. In the Osmosi project he captures this dynamic naturalness of the glass and use it to shape the marble too. Making it seem like if the glass has blown the marble.

Emmanuel Babled – Osmosi.  By creating two unique pieces that match each other perfectly, the glass and the marble, and though they are separate pieces but one is none without the other. They fit together through gravity alone and like Cinderella and her glass shoe, there is only one unique piece of glass that can fit in one unique piece of marble. The effect is a perfect symbiosis between the materials.  The glass is produced by the Venini furnace in Murano and the marble by Testi in Verona.
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