Sunday, June 09, 2013

Venice: Ca Pesaro - The Sonnabend Collection

Venice: Ca Pesaro - The Sonnabend Collection.  In the International Gallery of Modern Art, Ca Pesaro The Sonnabend Collection, curated by Gabriella Belli is on show until September 29. Ileana Sonnabend was one of the greatest and most influential discoverers of artistic talent of the late 20th century, known and appreciated for her intuition, strength of character, ground-breaking vision and for that eclecticism of taste and thinking that enabled her to understand and promote all that was new in American and European art.
Above.  Works by Andy Warhol from 1960s.

Ca Pesaro: The Sonnabend Collection.  The collection was created over many years and is a material reflection of her commitment to supporting young artists and the avant-garde movements of the 20th century.
Above. Peter Halley – White Cell with Conduit – 1987 – day-glo  acrylic, acrylic, roll-a-tex on canvas.

The Sonnabend Collection.  Jeff Koons – Teapot – 1979 – mixed media construction.

The Sonnabend Collection.  Anselm Kiefer – Baum mit Palette – 1978 – mixed techniques on canvas.

The Sonnabend Collection.  Sol Lewitt – Acrs From Four Corners – 1971 – lead pencil on wall.

The Sonnabend Collection.  Gilberto Zorio – Untitled – 1968 – canvas, copper concrete. Pier Paolo Calzolari – Scala 2000 Lunghi Anni Lontani da Casa – 1969 – Structure in brass, copper, refrigerator engine.

The Sonnabend Collection.  Christo – Empaquetage Sur Diable – 1964 – fabric, plastic, metal, handcart.

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