Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Williamsburg: N 3rd Street – 4 Good ones all in a row.

Williamsburg: N 3rd Street – 4 Good ones all in a row.  N 3rd Street  between Berry and Wythe in Williamsburg in is a great little street and full of fabulous places.  Four good ones all in a row; a restaurant, a chocolate factory, a tailor and an English hairdresser.  Opposite a tiny version of The Strand bookshop and super gift shop.

4 Good ones all in a row - # 1 @ 111 –– The Mast Brothers Chocolate factory. Walk into the Mast Brothers Chocolate factory and the intoxicating smell of chocolate hits you and stays with you, it’s delicious.  Even more tempting is the assortment of chocolates all prettily wrapped in beautifully designed papers.   On the long table foodie books and tastings of chocolate, my favorite being Sea Salt/ farmer and artisan pairing.  In the back workers are busily making more chocolate and home-made style chocolate cookies and goodies await you at the counter.   It’s all very tempting. The chocolate is hand made the Mast Brothers way, with the best cacao beans using only organic cane sugar to produce a smooth, 75% cacao dark chocolate.

@ 111 –– The Mast Brothers Chocolate. The beans are brought to the USA by sail primarily from a small organic cacao co-operative farm in the Dominican Republic. In the foreground, Chef’s Tablets,  great big  two pound slabs of  dark chocolate, used by the finest restaurants  such as; The French laundry, Per Se, Eleven Madison Park, The Fat Duck and Chez Panisse.

@ 111 –– The Mast Brothers Chocolate.  The Mast Brothers team makes delicious hand crafted chocolate, which is sold in gorgeously wrapped, locally designed, printed-paper.


@ 111 –– The Mast Brothers Chocolate.  Foodie coffee table books, tea shirts and other goodies are displayed on the long table.

@ 111 –– The Mast Brothers Chocolate.  Farmer and Artisan pairings, Sea Salt from the coast of Maine created using solar salt houses.  This salt puts a magnifying glass to this complex, berry-forward cacao.

4 Good ones all in a row - # 2 - @ 109a  - Parish Hall. Parish Hall restaurant is a farm to table venue.  The decor is minimal, light and fresh.

@ 109a – Parish Hall.  The food is all grown on nearby farms in Brooklyn and in Greene County is seasonal New American.
Above:  Smoked Trout Salad with roasted potatoes, pickled onion, greens, hard boiled eggs, mustard dressing and toast.

  @ 109a – Parish Hall.   Johnny Cakes, cornmeal griddle cakes, maple syrup and stewed rhubarb.

 photograph by manfredi bellati

4 Good ones all in a row - # 3 - @ 85 - Robinson Brooklyn. Modeled after a traditional haberdashery, Robinson Brooklyn specializes in essential men’s items that can’t be found anywhere else, along with tailored suits, sport coats, and made-to-measure shirts. In other words “Classic items you always wished you had.”

photograph by manfredi bellati

4 Good ones all in a row - # 4 - @ 85 – Tommy Guns. Tommy Guns is ladies and men’s hairdressing salon. It has a reputation based on the look, heritage and quality of traditional English barber shops. The interiors, designed by owner Russell Manley, create a striking environment that blends heritage barbershop influences, faux narratives and modern day craftsmanship.

photograph by manfredi bellati

@ 85 – Tommy Guns.  The Brooklyn space incorporates a wealth of authentic old-world craftsmanship and styling - the original 1870’s American drugstore interior was crafted by the finest drugstore cabinetmaker of the time. 

 photograph by manfredi bellati

@ 85 – Tommy Guns. The salon is available for location hire.  The space has already been used by Martin Scorsese, Oliver Stone & many top fashion magazines. 
Caution: beware of daisy!

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