Wednesday, May 08, 2013

NYC: The John Derian - Astier de Villatte party.

NYC: The John Derian - Astier de Villatte party.   The Roman plaster foot placed on hay set the tone for the party that was held in John Derian’s new space to celebrate his on going collaboration with the French white ceramic company Astier de Villatte. Elegant, simple, rustic, yet incredibly sophisticated these all describe John’s designs that everybody craves for.


The fabulous displays of the white ceramics decorated by John which are produced in the center of Paris and exported all over the world were enhanced by the most beautiful and artistic paper flowers designed and made by Livia Cetti. Everything looked so casual yet so very chic in the unfinished delabre space.


 The hosts: John Derian, Benoit Astier de Villatte, Emilie Mazeaud and  Ivan Pericoli.

Artists, Elliott Puckette and Hugo Guinness. Hugo is known for his illustrations in the New York Times and his bold, graphic black-and-white block prints, many of which have appeared in films and publications. His sole dealer is John Derian, who yearly hosts a show for Hugo. Whereas Elliott is known for creating gracefully drawn and painted abstractions in which wandering lines move weightlessly throughout sparse monochrome spaces.

 Handsome John Robshaw creates beautifully designed fabrics and linens sometimes with an Asian influence for his elegant home collection.

The New Scented Candle and The Notebooks:  To add to the already long and extensive list of Astier de Villatte’s scented candles, which all have the names of towns or places, John Derian designed one called Provincetown, where he also has a seasonal shop, “It is a breath of fresh air, ocean wind and open country, endless sandy beaches, wild vegetation it’s conceived after my favorite village on the tip of Cape Cod.”  The notebooks are a famous staple in the Astier de Villatte’s collection; these decorated by John Derian’s leaf collages are printed in random color combinations.  They are the only ones in the world printed by a typesetter.  And, just to make them that little bit more special, the edge of the paper is gold.

James Beard Award winning cookbook author Susan Simon and internationally renowned cool graphic designer, book author and teaching professor, Louise Fili.  The sought after designer specializes in the food packaging, restaurant identities, logos, and book design.


I was fascinated by this handsome pair of artists, mother and son, Sono Kuwayama and Sei Smith.

Architect specializing in restoration, interior design and gardens, Brian Sawyer and art director Stephen Johnson. Brian is also known for designing Julianne Moore’s New York City townhouse garden. Stephen is working on a hush, hush book project, out next year.

The bar area looked incredibly pretty with real tulips cascading from an Astier Paris vase.  The cheese platter was well stocked, comme il faut, and served with fruit, nuts and olives.

Great short story writer Jacqui Kravetz, illustration agent Stephanie Pesakoff and designer Stacey McArdle.

John Derian and American Vogue’s editor at Large, author and curator Hamish Bowles.  The always impeccable, Mr. Bowles is having a tartan period.

Assouline’s Romina Djelosevic plays with the give away eye badges.

The magnificent bouquet of paper flowers made by the highly skilled floral and still-life stylist, crafter, and event designer Livia Cetti.

Cult photographer and artist Jack Pierson and visual artist Peter McGough of McDermott and McGough. David McDermott and Peter McGough are best known for using alternative historical processes in their photography, particularly the 19th century techniques of cyanotype, gum bichromate, platinum and palladium. Among the subjects they approach are popular art and culture, religion, medicine, advertising, fashion and sexual behavior.

I was attracted to photograph, photographer Marti Wilkerson for her interesting pale almost pre-Raphaelite face and was happily surprised when she play-acted with her hands for the photograph.


Sensational tissue paper flowers stand by the outdoor space in a rusty iron vase in a very John Derian Style.

The pretty outdoor space was decorated like a stage set, giving the guests a chance to sit down and chat.  Chinese lanterns hung from wooden beams.

The new John Derian collection for Astier de Villatte in which John continues to grace the company’s white ceramics objects with his famous decoupages.  Among the novelties; The Apple Plate, The Salad Bowl with Blue Motif, The Cup and Saucer with Cloud Motifs, The Frog Platter and A Surrealist Teapot and Teacup decorated with an Eye.


MinimalUSA’s president and CEO Bartolomeo Bellati and Assouline’s Romina Djelosevic.  Minimal imports slick Italian kitchens much in demand among celebrities, and have also been featured in two blockbuster Hollywood movies.


Vegetarian chef Amy Chaplin, who caters to the stars and creative director at Martha Stewart Living Ayesha Patel.

Fashion art director Colin Donahue, RRL’s Travis Harrison and The Smile’s restaurateur Matt Kliegman.

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