Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Milan: FF 2013 – Lights: Artemide – Elliott Erwitt Meets Jean Nouvel

Milan: FF 2013 – Lights: Artemide – Elliott Erwitt Meets Jean Nouvel. The story behind the table lamp Objective designed for Artemide, and the day Jean Nouvel and photographer Elliott Erwitt met in Paris. For Jean Nouvel and his approach to the use of light as an architectural expression gave fruit to the small-sized Objective lamp, which encloses all the technological wisdom and lighting skills in favor of a personal interpretation of individual space.

Artemide: Objective table lamp by jean Nouvel.  A cylinder is broken down into four parts, each with its own movements and functions. The character of the object, a tube containing different sets of optics, recalls the lens of a still or movie camera and its manipulation, with the three different segments housing three different light sources:
a) ambient light coming from the glass segment.
b) a spotlight focused, from the first head, onto the reading matter or work surface.
c) light pointed upwards from the floodlight in the second head.
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