Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Milan: FF 2013 – Belvedere exhibition – Fai Heritage and Fabrica Design.

Milan: FF 2013 – Belvedere exhibition – Fai Heritage and Fabrica Design. The Belvedere exhibition organized with FAI heritage (Fondo Ambiente Italiano, usually referred to in English as the Italian National Trust) and Fabrica Design is on show to the public, until May 5, in the surroundings and loft area of Villa Necchi Campiglio, a magnificent FAI property in the heart of Milan designed by the architect Piero Portaluppi in the 1930s. The exhibition has been designed as a travelling event and after Villa Necchi Campiglio it will be hosted by other FAI properties. The project is in collaboration with Alterstudio Partners, curated by Francesca Serrazanetti and Matteo Schubert, under the artistic direction of Sam Baron.
Above. Villa Necchi Campiglio is a sumptuous residence with generously proportioned interiors and stunning public rooms. Thanks also to its perfectly preserved outbuildings, the villa encapsulates the history, rituals, worldly pleasures and day-to-day living of Milanese high society in the first half of the 20th century.

Belvedere exhibition. Contemporary design is once again at the centre of this year’s exhibition, in the form of a series of objects designed by ten young talents of Fabrica. In their own intimate personal way, each designer translated their tour of the most fascinating FAI properties into a three-dimensional form. From Masino Castle in Caravino (province of Turin) to the Bay of Ieranto at Massa Lubrense (province of Naples), from the Kolymbetra Gardens in the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento to Villa Panza and the Panza Collection in Varese, each designer studied and explored “their” property. The designers spent time observing the architecture, surrounding landscapes, the traits of the historic residents and their stories. They collected further information from discussions with attendants, guides, gardeners and craftspeople, visitors and local inhabitants that they encountered.
Above. Artistic director Sam Baron, Baskets, inspired by the Bay of Ieranto, Massa Lubrense, Naples.

  Belvedere exhibition. Daniela Messina, Fruit Bowl inspired by the Kolymbetra Gardens in the Valley of the Temples, Agrigento.

Belvedere exhibition. Dean Brown, Vessel inspired by Masino Castle, Caravino, Turin.

Belvedere exhbition. Ryu Yamamoto, Balance inspired by Villa Dei Vescovi, Luvigliano di Torreglia, Padua.

Seen at Villa Necchi Campiglio New York based, Royce Epstein, textile designer Suzanne Tick and designer Jeffrey Burnett.

Vegetables grace the borders in the Villa Necchi Campiglio gardens. 

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