Sunday, April 28, 2013

Milan: FF 2013 – Lasvit Constellation.


Milan: FF 2013 – Lasvit Constellation.  Galaxy Luminia designed by Borek Sipek for Lasvit. The small Big Bang. History has encountered a new era, which has exploded into this extraordinary chandelier. Seemingly disparate decorative components are connected into a playful assemblage of forms, materials and stories. Galaxy Luminia is like a new living species and, until The Big Bang, lives its own independent life.

Lasvit Constellation:  Plisse Cloud designed by Maurizio Galante for Lasvit. The fashion elements and softness of fabric are here transformed into glass. The object is based on the technique of Plisse, which rotates around its own axis. 

Lasvit Constellation:  Nodules designed by Ross Lovegrove for Lasvit.  Using glass as an optical reservoir, the Nodules are handmade spherical lenses fused together in the making process to harness the natural physics of the material. A fiber optic light source delivers an intense white light from a remote point so that the relationship between the stem and Nodule is minimized and mysterious. The unique installations rise from the floor in clusters.
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