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Venice: The Gritti Palace Hotel

photograph and copyright by manfredi bellati

Venice: The Gritti Palace Hotel – restoration. The Gritti Palace, one of the  Luxury Collection Hotels re-opens its doors following a ribbon-cutting ceremony after a meticulous 45 million Dollar restoration that brings the hotel back to its original grandeur as the place where generations of global travelers and influencers gathered to experience its discreet residential luxury and unparalleled service at the heart of Venice’s social and cultural scenes.
Above: The ceremony was held on the terrace of the Grand Canal complete with paparazzi hovering in a taxi, and was attended by Sandro Simionato, Deputy Mayor of Venice, Paolo Lorenzoni, the Gritti Palace General Manager, Roeland Vos, President, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Europe, Africa and Middle East and by Monsignor Ettore Fornezza.


The Gritti Palace Hotel: Set on the Grand Canal, the Gritti Palace’s famous terrace harkens back to the elegant Art Deco wooden decks of the Italian yachts in the 1930s, with polished wood and gleaming stainless steel accents. Pretty bouquets of roses in silver bowls sit on the teak tables.

 photograph and copyright by manfredi bellati

The Gritti Palace Hotel: Under a portrait of the Doge of Venice, Andrea Gritti, the Explorer’s Library, pays homage to the hotel’s rich literary legacy and featuring travel curiosities, antiques and rare books as well as classics by renowned writers, Ernest Hemingway and Somerset Maugham among others, who resided at the hotel over the years.

 The Lobby.

Rubelli’s Nicolo Favaretto Rubelli and Donghia Associates Design Director Chuck Chewning. “By carefully restoring the furnishings and creating a series of handmade furniture, we aimed to enhance the exclusive residential ambience that has kept The Gritti Palace so unique and personal to its loyal guests through the years,” commented Chuck Chewning, Design Director, of Donghia Associates. “We have seamlessly integrated Donghia’s and Rubelli’s signature sophistication with the hotel’s history and heritage, giving it a sense of Venetian elegance and timeless luxury.” 

The Gritti’s coat of arms reigns supreme.

Doorman Giuliano V. documents the event.

photograph and copyright by manfredi bellati

The Gritti Palace Hotel: The spectacular view from the terrace of the two-storey Rendentore suite. The terrace measures 250 square meters which can also be reached directly from the lobby with its own private lift, includes a mini pool and chaise lounges overlooking the Grand Canal, the Basilica Santa Maria della Salute and panoramic views of the lagoon and the city.

The Gritti Palace Hotel: Autographed photographs of famous guests who have stayed in the hotel hang on the walls of  the corridors.
Above: Jeanne Moreau and Adrien Brody.

The Gritti Palace Hotel: 61 luxurious guest rooms and 21 sumptuous suites are cloaked in rich period colors, they feature local design elements including Rubelli damasks customized to rare archival designs, Venetian tapestries and velvets, unique pieces of furniture such as long Rococo couches, handcrafted Girandole mirrors and the Murano glass chandeliers. 

 photograph and copyright by manfredi bellati

The Peggy Guggenheim Suite:  The Peggy Guggenheim suite overlooks the Peggy Guggenheim Collection on the opposite side of the Grand Canal and is decorated with modern art. Guests who stay in the suite are presented with a one-year membership to all the Guggenheim Museums of the world.
Above: Interior decorator Chuck Chewning and the Gritti’s General manager Paolo Lorenzoni give the press a tour of the suites.

Tom Cruise

  A cocktail bar in one of the suites.

Elisabeth Taylor

The La Fenice suite boasts a harpsichord made in Sorrento in 1704 by D. Matteo Castelletti as well as signed letters by Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini.

 photograph and copyright by manfredi bellati

 The Ernest Hemingway suite is full of Hemingway-esque memorabilia.

Charlie Chaplin

photograph and copyright by manfredi bellati

The Gritti Palace Hotel. The Blu Mediterraneo Spa, a new exclusive spa concept by Acqua di Parma is a haven of holistic wellness, the spa recreates the luxurious and authentic sensation evoked after a day spent strolling along the enchanting canal and taking in the romantic atmosphere of la Serenissima.

The gym in the Blu Mediterraneo Spa.

  Lauren Bacall

photograph and copyright by manfredi bellati 

The Gritti Palace Hotel – the restaurant. The famous Club del Doge restaurant and a table full of delicious Venetian Cicchetti.

The breadbasket.


Prosciutto San Daniele is carved.

 photograph and copyright by manfredi bellati

The Gritti Epicurean School. The hotel has reintroduced the iconic culinary school, The Gritti Epicurean School, a Venetian open kitchen that since 1975 has hosted the social elite of Venice for wine tastings, cooking workshops and celebrations. The school will continue to be a place to learn, taste and celebrate, offering a journey into indigenous culinary experiences.

 Sole and steamed vegetable.

Pastry chef Salvatore Gatullo

A wide selection of the most delicious cakes and puddings sit on the long table in the Epicurean School.

A charming shrine to the Madonna and Child hangs on the side wall of The Gritti Palace Hotel, near the gondolier’s traghetto on the Grand Canal.

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