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Bologna: Arte Fiera 2013

Bologna: Arte Fiera 2013. ArteFiera is the largest and the most complete exhibition of the Italian art system.  It’s modern and contemporary section presented Italian and foreign galleries with major works by over 1,100 artists. The new artistic directors, Giorgio Verzotti (for contemporary art) and Claudio Spadoni (for modern art) want to reaffirm and relaunch the role and influence of Bologna and of Arte Fiera as promoters of Italian art on the international market.
Above: Patrick Mimran - Galerie Dorothea V. D. Koelen.

Gallery Dorothea V. D. Koelen: Mainz - Venice – Arne Quinze
Gallery Dorothea V. D. Koelen: director Dorothea van der Koelen

Gallery Rumma: Milan – Naples - artist Marzia Migliora and her mixed media works 2012

Gallery Rumma: Milan – Naples – Marina Abramovic, Ecstasy III and The Communicator, 2012


Gallery Cardi: Milan – Pietrasanta – Marc Quinn, The Selfish Gene, 2007


 Gallery Allegra Ravizza: Milan – director Allegra Ravizza with Nanda Vigo’s Vertigo, 2012

Gallery Marcorossi Artecontemporanea: Milan – Verona – Pietrasanta – Chris Gilmour, Saint George and the Dragon, 2010 and Neapolitan Madnolin, 2013.

Gallery Marcorossi Artecontemporanea: Milan – Verona – Pietrasanta – artist Valerio Berruti, Soldiers (installation), 2013

Gallery Marcorossi Artecontemporanea: Milan – Verona – Pietrasanta – Milan director, Elena Zuin with events organizer Maurice Dotta.

   Gallery Diana Lowenstein: Miami – Daniel Gonzales, Gift of Love, 2013 and Tide-Flower Pot Love Washing Miracle 2012

Gallery Diana Lowenstein: Miami – director Diana Lowenstein with Xawery Wolski’s Mercury, 2012

Gallery Raffaelli: Trento – Taylor McKimens Forgotten Cactus, 2013 and Sculptures

Gallery Bianca: Palermo, director Antonio Di Mino with Klodin Erb’s Ohrenkopf, 2011

Gallery Zahorian and Co: Batislava – Stefan Papco, Pavel (Climber), 2012

Gallery Zahorian and Co: Batislava – directors Josef Zahorjan and Silvia Van Espen

Gallery Zak: Monteriggioni – Andrea Barzaghi

Gallery Zak: Monteriggioni – director Gaia Pasi

Gallery The Pool NYC: New York City - Andrea Salvatori, Tuttitappi, 2012

Gallery The Pool NYC: New York City – directors Viola Romoli and Luigi Franchin with curator Sofia Caputo

Gallery Luger: Milan – director Federico Luger with works by Giovanni Rizzoli

Fullstream’s president Danilo Vignati and gallery La Citta’s, director Helene de Franchis

Gallery Traffic: Bergamo – Karin Andersen and Christian Rainer, video Stranger, 2007

Gallery Traffic: Bergamo – Karin Andersen and Traffic director Roberto Ratti, painting The Dragon and Saint George

  Gallery Traffic: Bergamo – curator Claudia Attimonelli and Sebastian.

Gallery MLB: Ferrara - Stefano Bombardieri, Natura Morta/Viva, 2012

  Gallery MLB: Ferrara – Stefano Scheda, Eurosisma

Gallery MLB: Ferrara – Silvia Camporesi, After #1,2,3,4,5,6, 2012

Gallery MLB: Ferrara – director Maria Luisa Brunelli with Stefano Bomardieri’s Help, 2012

Biasutti and Biasutti: Torino, Mario Merz, Fibonacci, 1971

Gallery Antonella Cattani Contemporary Art: Bolzano – Ulrich Egger, Inside Watching 2012/13

Gallery Bonelli Arte Contemporanea:  Canneto Sull’Oglio – director Giovanni Bonelli with work by Nicola Verlato

Curator Achille Bonito Oliva  

Gallery Fama: Verona -Tony Oursler, Variant (Love Finds a Way), 2012

Gallery Fama: Verona -Tony Oursler, False Color Action, 2012

Gallery Robert Drees:  Hannover – Sun-Rae Kim, Amici di Nina, 2010

Gallery Robert Drees:  Hannover – Samuel Salcedo, Rain, 2011
Gallery Studio Giangaleazzo Visconti:  Milan - Vincenzo Agnetti, Entra Chi Esce, 1970

Gallery Studio Giangaleazzo Visconti: Milan - director Giangaleazzo Visconti di Modrone with Paolo Scheggi’s Intersuperficie Curva Bianca, 1966

Gallery Studio Giangaleazzo Visconti: Milan – Lucio Fontana, Assunzione, 1949-50

Gallery Studio Giangaleazzo Visconti: Milan – Salvatore Scarpitta, Double Hone Sun, 1979

Artist Fabrizio Plessi

Architect Paolo Dal Bianco

Gallery Z20-Sara Zanin: Rome –Kaarina Kaikkonen, I feel Shy, 2013, detail

Gallery Z20-Sara Zanin: Rome –Kaarina Kaikkonen with I try to Fly, 2012

 Gallery Bigai: Pietrasanta – Armen Agop

 Sotheby’s Claudia Dwek

Artists Gabriele Amadori and Turi Simeti  

Gallery Forni: Bologna – works by Nicola Cicognani, Quentin Garel and Giorgio Tonelli

Gallery Forni: Bologna – director Paola Forni

Gallery Forni: Bologna – Nicola Cicognani

Gallery Forni: Bologna – Claudio Locatelli


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