Monday, June 04, 2012

NYC: Design - SoHo

Design: Ingo Maurer.  The great Ingo Maurer photographed in his New York flagship store in SoHo with a pair of his Zak Zarak lights designed with Lutz Pankow. Zak Zarak was designed to radically change the appearance of desk lamps: instead of complicated mechanisms and lots of bits and pieces, a simple flat strip folded into a distinctive geometrical form. Magnets replace the springs and hooks of standard desk lamps.


Ingo Maurer.  Moritz Waldemeyer’s breath-taking Candles in the Wind Chandelier is a revolutionary new lighting concept, using modern LED technology to faithfully recreate the experience of light from the ancient past – the simple yet infinitely complex candle flame. The design is pure and minimal: a bare circuit board featuring the latest in micro-processor technology paired with 256 high quality LEDs per candle is all it takes to evoke the natural flow and flicker. When seen from a short distance, the light is indistinguishable from the real thing, thanks to a perfect match of the light color of the LEDs. Closer inspection reveals the low-resolution charm of the digital display.

Bisazza.   Rosella Bisazza sits on the edge of a bathtub from The Wanders Collection, a bathroom furniture line designed by Marcel Wanders for Bisazza Bagno.

Bisazza.   For the occasion of ICFF, the Bisazza flagship store launched The Wanders Collection, a collection of bathroom furniture and accessories designed for Bisazza Bagno by renowned Dutch designer Marcel Wanders.
Above. Resin table and mirror with matte lacquered wooden structure and glass top and glazed ceramic washbasin from the Soapbath series. 


Bisazza.   Photographed against Carlo dal Bianco’s Corinzio mosaic wall,  Bisazza’s director and member on the Bisazza advisory board Maurizio Mussati, who is also the CEO of Established and Sons.

Agape.   Vieques bathtub designed by Patricia Urquiola for Agape. The steel tub is a contemporary restyling of the old-fashioned bathtub, for a decidedly unconventional environment, which amusingly reminds me of a large sardine tin.
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