Wednesday, May 23, 2012

NYC: Minimal USA Party

NYC:  Minimal USA party.   For the third year running Minimal USA cucine held another successful party on the rooftop of their Chelsea showroom overlooking the Hudson River and the High Line.
Above: the scene from Transformers Dark of the Moon movie featuring Minimal USA's Glam Sliding Top kitchen specially adapted for the movie by Stefano Venier.


Minimal USA party.   Minimal USA’s Design Director Stefano Venier and it’s President and CEO Bartolomeo Bellati.

Minimal USA party.   The two water tanks on the penthouse rooftop of Minimal USA's Chelsea showroom where the party was held. Music styling by Connie Yin who DJs at Cielo.

Moma's Contemporary Architecture curator Pedro Gadanho and Valentina Vinante.

Harold Tittmann, Michael Bennett, David Snowdon-Jones and Adrian Saker.

Minimal USA party.  Ozone Socks President Laurie Mallet and cookbook author Susan Simon admire a Minimal's Verve Sliding Top kitchen.

Artist Rachelle Oatman.'s Lori Cheek. 

photo by Federica Carlet 

  Cameron Conwell and Casimir Zdanius.

Clementine and Laurie Mallet.

photo by Federica Carlet 

Bartolomeo Bellati and Romina Djelosevic.

Giulia Grazzini.

photo by Federica carlet

Alessandro Orsini and Elisa Baldin.

Minimal USA party. The overhead view of the High Line from the rooftop of the Minimal USA’s showroom in Chelsea.

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