Wednesday, May 09, 2012

MILAN: Furniture Fair - Casaviva party

Casaviva party. An apartment in the center of Milan was taken over and redecorated by Bara Vergnano for a special Casaviva shot and party during the Furniture Fair.
Above: Barbara Vergnano with Casaviva’s editor in chief Paola Girardi.

 Standing in front of his work of art, artist Angelo Bucarelli  who is also a known curator, journalist, communication expert, designer, interior decorator...

Sicilian fashion designer Eugenio Vazzano uses vintage textiles in his patchwork  clothes.

The two Robertos, Roberto Reali and Robi Renzi. Roberto Reali spends his day needle-pointing masterpieces and Robi Renzi designs furniture using bits of old furniture from the forties and the fifties, as the one below.

A cabinet by Robi Renzi.

Fresh carrots and cucumbers were prepared by Eat's.

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