Monday, April 30, 2012

MILAN: Furniture Fair - Nendo – Trail and Error exhibition

Palazzo Visconti – Nendo – Trial and Error exhibition. Nendo's Trial and Error exhibition at Palazzo Visconti brought together pieces from the new collection of 1%Products and five collections of furniture designs developed over a series of solo exhibitions: Thin Black Lines, Visible Structures, Scatter Shelf, Farming-net Objects and Object Dependencies.
Above: Thin Black Lines Hanger Rack.Slight black lines like the traces of sketches drawn in the air made transparent surfaces and volumes appear, to which we assigned practical functions. They are condensed expressions of meaning, similar to Japanese calligraphy. The designs gently break the relationship of before and behind, and traverse at times the space between two and three dimensions. Multi-faceted and constantly morphing, they move alternately between the becoming and collapse of form.”

Nendo – Trial and Error exhibition. Visible Structures 01, 02, 03. “Thanks to its lightness and toughness, carbon fiber furniture can take on a multitude of different forms. As a result, the carbon fiber furniture has gained an almost stereotypical futuristic image. For this collection, we wanted to explore new possibilities for expression by using carbon fiber in a supporting role to emphasize and accentuate the main material, rather than as the star in its own right.”

Nendo – Trial and Error exhibition. Farming Net Lamp. “The sculptural lamps are made by heat-forming agricultural nets ordinarily placed around fruit and vegetables to prevent them from harm by wind and animals. Using them as a sculptural material allowed us to evade the traditional necessity of combining structure with a separate surface material, to create a thin membrane that stands independently, but also floats gently on a breeze. The lamp softly emits light, in the manner of a traditional Japanese paper lantern.”
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