Sunday, April 29, 2012

Milan Furniture Fair - MOST: Nivea – Studio Toogood.

MOST: Nivea – Studio Toogood. Studio Toogood presented 'la cura' a project with Nivea.  ‘la cura’ was a visual antidote to the chaos of the Salone del Mobile, a hospital for the senses where visitors were invited to rebalance through a series of intimate performances.

Nivea – Studio Toogood. Whilst experiencing a therapeutic sound and light composition produced in collaboration with Kite and Laslett, visitors were presented with a ball of white clay to mold and shape into something that reflects their own individual expression and mood. These artworks – called ‘The Cures’ – were collected at the end of each performance and clustered together in the ‘Pavilion’ during the course of the week to create a collective sculpture.

Nivea – StudioToogood.  Designer Faye Toogood with her Spade chairs. StudioToogood offers creative direction, styling, set design, exhibition, event and interior design.

Nivea – Studio Toogood. Guests were seated on ‘Spade’ chairs by Faye Toogood, each one bandaged and covered for protection.

Nivea – Studio Toogood. During the installation, ‘caretakers’, dressed in outfits designed by Faye Toogood, attended to, maintained and safeguarded ‘The Cures’. For the performance the Underkitchen by food designers Arabeschi di Latte, prepared a re-energizing elixir designed to restore people’s sparkle and spirit. The air was filled with a bespoke scent by perfumers 12.29 which was designed to capture the essence of the color white in olfactory form.  


Nivea – Studio Toogood. Francesca Sarti founder of the food design collective Arabeschi di Latte. Her Underkitchen is a project set up to reveal the hidden subtle and abstract nature behind food and hospitality.
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