Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MILAN: Pizza Magazine launch

 Milano: Le Case D’Arte - Pizza magazine launch. Pizza magazine teamed up with Le Case D’Arte art gallery for the launch of their second issue.  The indie magazine is self produced and published by Andrea Batilla and Sabrina Ciofi and there is no advertising. The magazine aims to scout young Italian talents from all creative fields, under the age of thirty, who “tell” contemporary Italian stories. Ironically the magazine is written in English as it is mostly sold abroad,  the purpose of this is to spread the word about all things Italian as seen through the eyes of young Italian men and women. The live happenings in the art gallery revolved around artist and musicians using the magazine and its pages as inspiration.
In the photograph. Le Case D’Arte’s Pasquale Leccese and a model wearing a monkey mask, a tribute to the editorial in Pizza magazine on the important Italian artist, Paola Piva and Andrea Batilla co editor in chief and creative director of the magazine with Sabrina Ciofi.

NEW TALENT: Le Case D’Arte - Pizza magazine launch. Giuliana Curra’ was sewing pages of Pizza magazine into William Burroughs inspired cut up.

A detail. A detail of Giuliana Curra’s William Burroughs inspired cut up. The cut-up technique is a literary technique in which a text is cut up and rearranged to create a new text.

NEW TALENT:  Le Case D’Arte - Pizza magazine launch. The musical performance by Lorenzo Morri on his homemade mandolin was inspired by Pizza magazine’s play list.   Lorenzo chose a mandolin because it’s origins are Neapolitan like pizza. He built the instrument himself from an old wooden box of oil paints, an anchovy tin and a piece of wood.

Le Case D’Arte - Pizza magazine launch.  Soprano, Akiko Kozato performed and sang a page from Pizza magazine.

Le Case D’Arte - Pizza magazine launch.   The ‘real’ thing was served with Nastro Azzurro Italian beer.

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