Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MILAN: New Store - Stepevi

MILAN: New Store – Stepevi.    The Turkish contemporary carpet company Stepevi, established in 1913, has just opened a Milan store, in Via dell’Orso 9, thereby completing an impressive list of boutiques in the design capitals of the world.  Embracing the philosophy of refined modern luxury carpets of timeless good taste which are created by re-defining carpet tradition with innovative craftsmanship and mass customization principles the company is in constant search for understated, sustainable and discreet product values.
Above.  The Mienterra carpet, from the Terra Collection.  The idea of creating a 3D rug and advancing this invention to depict the abstract forms on earth is driven by a simple challenge: “The world is not flat... Why should a rug be!”  These expressive rugs are manufactured with the cutting edge Stepevi quality using a new highly technical process coined 'Variable Surface Technology' where unique, sculptural layers create an emotional journey between dimensions. These carpets interact with the surrounding space creating a unique and ever changing visual experience using depth, light and shadow.

Seen at the Stepevi opening party. Stepevi’s CEO and president, Cem Sengor and his wife Aysegul YurekliSengor are photographed  with Turkish film star, Hulya Avsar and renowned Turkish film director,  Ferzan Ozpetek.

The Patchworks.  Harvest is an exceptional collection, based on the idea of creating exquisite rugs by taking the vintage Anatolian carpets through a very unique creation process. The journey starts with collecting vintage Anatolian carpets of organic wool composition from their designated regions.  Thousands of used carpets are then exposed to Mediterranean sun and humidity, kept on the natural fields for weeks to reach a faded and battered look.  These naturally worn out vintage rugs are then re-dyed in contemporary colors, cut to pieces and finally hand stitched with an artistic insight. Each Harvest is a unique piece which tastefully injects a revamped vintage look into modern, stylish interiors.

A detail of the Harvest carpet above.

Seen at the Stepevi opening party. Maurizio, Antonia and Margherita Purificato of the trendy Antonia Boutique.

 The Rose Petals.   The Infusion collection is a limited edition of carpets which have  a purely natural color range.  This is obtained by using the extracts of the 2010 rose harvest from Isparta Lakes Region. The carpets are dyed with the finest quality roses, the sensuality of  the rose petals are infused into these unique rugs with the invaluable know-how of the company.

Seen at the Stepevi opening party.  Architect, Edith Leschke.        

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