Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BODY ART: Tattoo Hada-Ka

Photograph courtesy Galleria Luisa delle Piane

Body Art: Tattoo Hada-Ka.  Paris based Japanese artist, Kurihara Yumiko goes by the name of Hada-Ka, which means the artist of the skin. Phonetically it also signifies the naked body or nudity.  Using the skin as the main focus she has created works of art for installations and photo sessions and has created costumes for performances, which can be called new adopted skin.

Body Art: Tattoo Hada-Ka.  Kurihara experiments with all kinds of materials, and changes the ordinary into the extraordinary, causing people, or wearers of the new skin, to have different outlooks on themselves and the world around them.  She created these tattoo armbands by printing on the best Japanese nylon.

Body Art: Tattoo Hada-Ka.  A  selection of Hada-Ka’s tattoo armbands on sale in Milan at the Galleria Luisa delle Piane and at Paolo Sarpi 27.
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