Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Milano: Maliparmi Spring/Summer 2011 collection

Maliparmi Spring/Summer 2011 collection.  Just off the Piazza San Babila, Palazzo Visconti was once again the venue for the Maliparmi presentation.  Through different eyes is the underlying concept shaping the new Spring-Summer 2011 collection, called, “Garden of Diversity”.  In the words of the brand’s artistic director, Silvia Bisconti, “We’re not seeking something new, we’re learning to look through new eyes at what already exists, discovering the right balance between tradition and innovation”.  In the main room, six special structures support six outfits from the collection, culminating in a spherical head, onto which six women’s faces are projected. Not models, but young actresses, like Caterina Bajetta, above. Real women all different and with their own special expressiveness. In a performance of gesture, they wear the same garments that are presented in a static version, interpreted and given real form.

Seen at Maliparmi.  The Maliparmi sets where designed by director, Marco Pozzi whose film, Maledimiele was presented at the Venice Film Festival and tells the story of Sara, a teenage girl who sinks, slowly but inevitably, into the abyss of anorexia.

Maliparmi – Tessuto della Memoria. Now reaching its third season, the Tessuto della Memoria concept, which uses prints from the past rediscovered today and recreates through patchwork memories held and reinterpreted. In the words of Malìparmi's president, Annalisa Paresi, “When I saw all the fabrics kept in the archive, I thought it was a real shame to leave them unused.”  Along with the iconic tunic dress, a top and a jersey skirt is a shopping bag available in two sizes. All the items in the collection are available, as always, until sold out, because every time a fabric patchwork is made it creates a new garment that cannot be reproduced.  

Seen at Maliparmi.   London based record producer and talent scout, Charlie Rapino and P.R. Francesca Ballini Richards.

Maliparmi – The surreal garden. In the surreal garden, the Garden of Diversity, the spirit of the collection, was the setting for Malìparmi’s shoes, bags and jewels.

Seen at Maliparmi. Gemma Richards peeks through the leaves of the tunnel leading to the Maliparmi presentation.

Seen at Maliparmi. In the kitchen of Palazzo Visconti, Neapolitan caterer, Sandra Calvo and her brother-in-law the set designer, Sergio Colantuoni. Sandra whose catering company is called Soup, was inspired by the theme of the collection, Garden of Diversity to create a menu of amuse bouches awith herbs and flowers.

Maliparmi – a detail.  A detail of the amuse bouches, Penna al Profumo di Origano catered by Sandra Calvo of Soup which sit on a perspex tray inlaid with fresh flowers.

Maliparmi - Bijoux Capsule # 1.
A small, yet striking new project, called Bijoux Capsule, a collection in mini format that’s part of the larger Maliparmi Spring/Summer 2011 collection.  It comprises of three trompe l’oeil t-shirts with three different hand printed and embroidered bags. Each t-shirt is complemented with the same bag and a beaded sandal available in two versions, classic flat or with heel.

Maliparmi - Bijoux Capsule # 2.  The kitten heel sandal that is sold as part of the Bijoux Capsule package.

Seen at Maliparmi.  Student, Virgina da Sie in the Tessuto della Memoria room.

Seen at Maliparmi. Fashion Illustrated’s editor in chief, Fabbiana Giacomotti relaxed, in between shows, in the courtyard of Palazzo Visconti.
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