Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Milano: Fornasetti - Home Fragrance collection

Fornasetti – Home Fragrance collection. The Fornasetti Home Fragrance collection was launched during Milan Fashion Week.  Largely indifferent to the vagaries of fashion, it was the suggestion of an interior fragrance that turned Barnaba Fornasetti on to the idea of developing a scent.  To capture the essence of Fornasetti he turned to Olivier Polge, the master perfumer.   Polge visited the Fornasetti family house in Milan and together, he and Barnaba explored the aromas of the house and its gardens, registering significant herbs and the woods of the interior and Fornasetti designed objects.  Thyme and lavender came to occupy the top tier of notes, orris and cedar wood the middle, and ethereal notes in the base, including incense, tolu balsam, and labdanum, were used to represent the dream-like dimension of Fornasetti’s graphic poetry.  The resulting scent Otto, the eighth variation to be developed, is the olfactory portrait of a brand that is timeless, and that transcends gender and fashion.
Above. The Room Fragrance and Scent Sphere which has three individual perfume delivery systems.

Fornasetti – Home Fragrance collection.   The Incense Box contains forty sticks, made by the Tokyo based, Nippon Kodo company, which goes back to the early 16th century, when the highly skilled producers of fine incense supplied the Japanese court.
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