Thursday, May 06, 2010

MILAN: Salone del Mobile 2010 - Marsotto Edizioni

Architects and Designers.  James Irvine who is also the art director for Marsotto Edizioni. "Marsotto like many others is a company that has been waiting for their chance to glow. To test themselves, I like to say that they want to be Cicadas.  Following our first project together, a series of circular discs on columns, we understood that there were fantastic possibilities. Marble is in fact a rather normal material in Italy. Why not try to do some accessible products, we asked ourselves? Above all why not try to do pieces, which are totally in marble? Not just the top of a table, or a chunky ashtray. Together we arrived at the idea of Marsotto Edizioni. A place to create products and not.   A place for designers to realize their ideas. I knew that I had to call people who would be in tune with this idea to do real things, or at least this was the intention. Together we have created almost 30 products. The designers are a mix of nationalities.” James Irvine.

Dino and Pia.  The Dino table and Pia bowl designed by James Irvine for Marsotto Edizioni.

Seen at Marsotto Edizioni - Architects and Designers.      Jasper Morrison and Peter Hallen.

Seen at Marsotto Edizioni - Architects and Designers.       James Irvine and his son.

  Seen at Marsotto Edizioni - Architects and Designers.       Marc Newson
and his daughter Imogen.

Seen at Marsotto Edizioni - Architects and Designers.    Konstantin Grcic.

Photograph courtesy Marsotto Edizioni
Taksim.  The Taksim table designed by Konstantin Grcic for Marsotto Edizioni.

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