Friday, May 28, 2010


New York – May 24 – Judi Harvest.   Judi Harvest the Miami-born artist working in New York City and Venice, Italy, in painting, sculpture, glass, collage and video.  The multi talented artist created the Buddha sculptures, which form part of the Fragmented Peace works, as a reaction to 9/11.  They express the message of fragility of life and the search for beauty. “Today world peace seems an impossible dream. Inner peace, too, seems unobtainable. Yet without the beauty, art, and belief in the world and ourselves, nothing is possible. This work is intended to remind us that it is not fragments we need, but peace in its entirety.” Judi Harvest.

The Battalion, 2003.  Twelve wounded Murano glass lost wax Buddhas with red felt in original wooden barrella (stretcher) from Murano.

A detail.  A close-up of The Battalion. The “Buddha dust” is the white powder on the Buddha sculptures and part of the process of the creation.  It is there to remind us that not everything, including the mind, gathers dust.  Time and conscience produce dust. Removing it or not is up to the individual.” Judi Harvest.

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