Friday, May 28, 2010

LIVE FROM NEW YORK - Gagosian Gallery: Claude Monet

New York – May 24 – Gagosian Gallery - Claude Monet: late Work.  At the Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea, Claude Monet: Late Work until June 26th was curated by Paul Hayes Tucker.   This is the most significant gathering of Monet’s late paintings to take place in New York in more than thirty years.  The show focuses on the most important late subjects drawn from his gardens at Giverny – Nympheas, Le Pont Japonaise and L’Allee de Rosiers are among the painting on show, which are amongst his most treasured paintings in his long and prodigious career.

Photograph courtesy Gagosian Gallery

Nympheas (Water Lillies) 1916-1919.   “The instantaneity of Monet, far from being passive, requires an unusual power of generalization, of abstraction… Monet declares: here is nature, not as you or I habitually see it, but as you are able to see it, not in this or that particular effect but in others like it. The vision I propose to you is superior; my painting will change your reality.” Michel Butor, 1962
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