Monday, February 01, 2010

Paris: Maison et Objet - Scenes D'Interieur

Seen at Maison et Objet - Paris: Maison et Objet - Scenes D'Interieur.   A detail of just one of the cafes designed by Vincent Van Duysan for Maison et Objet. “The concept derives from a Berber Tent, which I abstracted formally and color-wise, adding some decorative elements, as the woven traditional Moroccan baskets on the walls, sand on the floor, roughly madden wooden banquets, Moroccan ceramic pots that incorporate indirect lights, Guavas are the only vegetal plants and the chairs, the only contemporary touch.  This concept is part of the general concept, see entrance of the Scenes D’Interieur (above) and Cafe Elle Deco, which I described as ‘Around the World’, or ‘Tastes of the World’, referring to Mahreb cultures, in all senses, colors, smells, tactilities etc.” Vincent explains.

Seen in the Café Scenes D’Interior. Eclectic Parisian fashion designer turned interior designer, Jose Levy was having a cup of coffee in the Scenes Café.

Seen on the  Astier de Villatte stand. This decorative giant ceramic snowball is designed by Jose Levy for Astier de Villatte.

Paris: La Bastille – Ma pharmacie.
Dusting off the out-of-date style of apothecaries seems to titillate the world of design.  After Karim Rashid in Belgrade, it’s Jose Levy’s turn in Paris, to reinvent the concept of a pharmacy.  At Ma Pharmacie no more products in the window, but videos and mirrors, for a techno-futuristic tone.   Only a gigantic stylized green neon cross conserves its immutable style.
Ma Pharmacie – Rue Des Tournelles, 75004 Paris – tel: +33142726743

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