Monday, February 01, 2010

Paris: Maison et Objet - Arjumand by Idarica Gazzoni

Seen at Maison et Objet – Arjumand by Idarica Gazzoni. For the second time Idarica Gazzoni presents her fabric and wallpaper Arjumand collection at Maison et Objet.  The name Arjumand comes from the name of the Persian Mogul Princess, much loved and known as The Light Of The Palace. The collection represents the full expression of Idarica’s style, which has always taken inspiration from the Ottoman, Persian and Mogul Empires.

A detail. Swatches of linen voile. “…I am fascinated by this cultural journey as my research is not simply looking at art but is also a glimpse into the social and anthropological of the expression of the times of people in general…”

A Detail. Swatches of linen and cotton fabrics. “…It is very interesting running after decorative elements, as they are the expression of current thinking and of information between Peoples, which you find continually, even if in a different form…”

A detail.   Swatches of silk and wool felt, the wool felt is particularly suitable for upholstery.  “….now I have begun to print on fabrics with large motifs bringing happiness to a room…”
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