Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MILANO FASHION: Where - When - Why - What - Who - Want ? ? ?

WHAT:   Maliparmi presentation
WHERE: Palazzo Visconti
WHEN:   26th September
WHY:      Spring/Summer 2010 collection
THE COLLECTION:  Small untamed items are what the Mailparmi woman will be wearing next year.  The new collection evokes the deep desire to return to the heart of things.   For Maliparmi, this is the moment to give free rein to the elements that form a vital part of its DNA; craft production, handmade with passion and love.   The company has long made use of ancient fabric decoration techniques like tye & dye, block printing, hand painting, crochet and bead embroidery and, they are at the heart of the Maliparmi project.

WHO: Maliparmi’s creative director, Silvia Bisconti and its president, Annalisa Paresi.

WHAT:   Motto: Reuse – Creativity – Style = Tessuto della Memoria.  Maliparmi invented a fabric that is in fact the patchwork of many others sourced from its archives.   The Tessuto della Memoria was born as the result of bringing together several forgotten fabrics in one new one.  A series of clothing items and accessories were created with a mix of textures and patterns that have constituted the brand’s history and which now have an opportunity to be re-born. Conceived from the Maliparmi style and from the creative reuse of its vintage heritage, it represents a limited run, as the multiple fabrics used create a single one, which can no longer be reproduced.

WHAT- the catering.   Ethnic delicacies were catered by Soup based in Naples. The pretty waitresses sat on table tops with the food spread out before them.

WHAT – a detail.  A detail of the ethnic food; couscous with tomatoes, raisins and pine nuts was served in pretty bamboo containers.

WHAT – a detail.
  In the background, fresh fruit bamboo skewers where refreshing in the heat of the day.  In the foreground, delicious chocolate and hazelnut semi freddo.

WHO:  The glamorous Neapolitan caterer, Alessandra Calvo whose company is called, Soup, born from the desire to transmit emotion. Alesandra’s cooking is half way between innovative and traditional Neapolitan cooking. “I love to experiment.” She told me.  Also on the menu that day, wontons.
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