Monday, August 24, 2009


LUCCA: The Place. The gourmet food shop, Delicatezze on the cobbled street Via San Giorgio in the walled city of Lucca is a epicurean heaven. It’s the perfect place to stock up on local produce of the highest quality to bring back home as gifts.

The Food.
A huge selection of the olive oils produced locally. Olive oil has become a symbol of Tuscany and is also known as liquid gold.

The Food.
Just a small assortment of the many cheeses that can be found in the gourmet food shop.

The Bar.
Caffetteria Turandot is the place for a very good espresso on the Piazza san Michele in the center of Lucca.
Note. In Tuscany espresso coffee is served with a “shot” of water on the side.

The People.
Italian artist/photographer, Massimo Vitali, famous for his monumental photographs of large groups of people chats and enjoys a strong espresso.
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