Monday, August 24, 2009


Photograph and copyright by manfredi Bellati

LUCCHESIA: The Place – Villa Massei. A corner of the garden at Villa Massei which was designed by the owners, Paul Gervais and Gil Cohen. This beautiful garden at Massa Macinaia, fifteen minutes outside the walls of the ancient Tuscany town of Lucca is open to horticultural enthusiasts from around the world.

The Food.
Lasagne alle Verdure or vegetable lasagne, the perfect vegetarian one course dish for a rainy and cold summer day.

The Recipe. The lasagne were cooked by the author of the book, Le Ricette del Paese delle Camelie, Pola Belluomini, using fresh vegetables from the villa’s vegetable garden.

The People.
The hosts, author, Paul Gervais de Bedee and philanthropist, Gil Cohen kindly smile for my camera in front of a beautiful big pottery bowl manufactured by Pasquinuccio Pasquinucci in Pontedera from a medieval design.
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