Friday, May 01, 2009


Triennale Design Museum – Prix Emile Hermes Competition. Always looking to the future, Hermès believes in the creative force of youth and wishes to support this creativity in the name of the House. The Prix Émile Hermès was born of the desire to discover new talent and nourish the creativity of young designers. The theme, Everyday Lightness, provides them with an opportunity to make an original and essential contribution to the ambitions of our company.
Pedal Car for Children. Mille, designed by David Seabra from Portugal is a pedal car, a true classic inspired by contemporary nomadic lifestyles. Mille is an everyday object that draws on movement, making it possible for children to travel, experience the pure pleasure of driving and enjoy city streets by car!

Bicycle saddle cover transformable into a saddle bag. Saddlebag, designed by Ian Mahaffy from Danemark is a bicycle saddle with a strong equestrian spirit. Simple to put on and a breeze to take off, the user always has on hand a dry seat and a convenient saddle bag that can be easily carried while cycling.
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