Monday, March 09, 2009

Milan: Women's A/W Fashion shows 09/10

Lunch at the Thun’s. Every time I’m in Milan, I usually have lunch with Susanne Thun in her penthouse apartment and if I’m very lucky, her husband, Matteo joins us. The famous architect and designer is usually away on a jet around the world for business. He is wearing:
Waistcoat: Hermes
Shirt: Loro Piana
Eyeglasses: Hoffmann Natural Eyewear

photograph courtesy Studio Matteo Thun
Matteo Thun’s design for the Valverde water bottle. "The essential form of water" Matteo Thun explains ”is the concept for the bottle design inspired by the qualities of the water: pureness and lightness.” The bottle won a bronze medal in the “Water Innovation Award 2008”, in the category “Best Bottle in Glass”.
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