Monday, March 09, 2009

Milan: Women's A/W Fashion shows 09/10

At L’Oro dei Farlocchi: Hermes and Maurizio Epifani.
Maurizio Epifani, tastemaker par excellance is obsessed with Hermes memorabilia. In his shop, L'Oro dei Farlocchi, of unusual and elegant objects, in the heart of Brera, he even has a room dedicated exclusively to the French Luxury brand. Maurizio is standing in front of a framed rare commemorative Hermes scarf designed in 2007 by artist, Kermit Oliver in honor of the 250th anniversary of the birth of the Marquis de Lafayette.

The Hermes Boxes.
Maurizio creates boxscapes with the famous orange boxes. This photo is taken from the beautiful book; L’Oro dei Farlocchi produced by Maurizio and sold exclusively at the L’Oro dei Farlocchi store in Brera. The book is a tribute to taste and elegance and a thank you to friends and clients.
A short history of the orange box: The Hermes box came about in the 1920's.The first boxes were cream-colored, with a gilded-edging imitating pig-skin; then mustard-colored with brown edging. The Second World War forced the next color change: During the Occupation, the shortage of all materials forced Hermes to use the only plain paperboard available: It was orange. After the war, this color was continued, but in a much more vivid shade (as today) with a relief pattern. In 1949, the Bolduc (brown ribbon) was introduced. Today, all Hermes objects come in the orange box.
Note: There are about 188 sizes of Hermes orange boxes.

The Hermes scarf. Maurizio's collection of Hermes scarves ranges from 1948 to the present day. He has designed replicas of the original Hermes orange box in Perspex, so that he can see what is inside each one without opening it.
A website: The Hermes Scarf Collection International Group is a place to browse and research photos of Hermes scarves cross-referenced by name, artist, first year of issue, material theme, etc.

Hermes rubber bag. This rare Hermes rubber bag is decorated with thorn stripes of Hermes scarves. Maurizio thinks that this tote was probably created for the American market.

Hermes camera and Visionaire. A single use Hermes disposable camera, probably a hand-out at a fashion show and a copy of Visionaire multi-format album. With a new theme and format for each issue, Visionaire stretches the imagination and boundaries of what an art and fashion publication can be. For Issue No. 32: Where? Visionaire collaborates with the venerable Paris-based fashion house Hermes.
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