Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Marrakech: interesting people, designers, craftsmens and more...

The Akbar Delights and Moor private showroom. Brother and sister, Isabelle Duchet-Annez and Yann Dobry run and design Akbar Delights and now the new line Moor. Whilst Isabelle takes care of all the “paper work”, Yann is plane hopping between New York, the Orient, France and Morocco designing the collections, which are made in India. They are sitting in the VIP private showroom in the Gueliz district, where celebrities, like Uma Thurman arrive in the underground parking and are whisked up to the first floor. Behind them is part of their extensive collection of King Mohammed paraphernalia.

Moor. This ecru Moroccon inspired hand-embroidered linen shirt exemplifies the mood of the new Moor line designed by the talented Lyonnais designer, Yann Dobry of Akbar Delights.

Akbar Delights – a detail. A detail of the sleeve of a tunic embroidered with small beads. Akbar Delights, on the Place Bab Fteuh, just inside the Medina, is a high-style tiny sophisticated boutique selling the most beautiful, made in India, hand-embroidered tunics in silk, cotton and linen inspired by the Orient and Asia. The accessories, like, gold embroidered babouches and beaded evening bags are displayed with cult books, objects and the biggest collection of King Mohammed paraphernalia.
Akbar Delights: 45 Place Bab Fteuh – Medina – akbar_delights@hotmail.com Pin It