Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Photograph by Manfredi Bellati

Friday – New York moments # 1 – The dog walkers of the Upper East Side. You see the dog walkers collecting and dropping off dogs from the chic apartment blocs of the Upper East Side. They often walk more than three or four dogs at a time; I have seen some even with eight dogs! Do the dogs get any exercise?

Seen on the subway. Mischa is a very good Yorkshire Terrier. She goes up and down town on the subway in her stylish Petote carrier on wheels. She is very happy to go to work, as long as, she is with her mummy, Tracey who is a creative and marketing director at Gaiam, the eco-conscious lifestyle company. Her navy T-shirts by Juicy Couture says” My dog is cuter than your dog.”

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