Thursday, September 20, 2007

Venice - Palazzo Hopping

Palazzo Giustinian Facanon. It was such a treat to go and see the 360 degree view of Venice from the terrace of Palazzo Giustinian Facanon. As you can see it’s nearly the same level as the bell towers. The owners of the penthouse, Claudia and Armando Sutor pose for us; behind them you can see the cupola of the Basilica and the campanile of San Marco. Both love art and you can encounter them at all the important art openings. Armando is creative director of Cottoveneto, which makes the most beautiful hand made tiles (see below).

The terrace. At dusk the Serena stone sculptures, from the 18th Century blend in with the sky. The palazzo itself is a fair example of fifteenth century Gothic architecture. The Sutors always host a Rendentore party, so that their guests can enjoy the firework display and the unique view of Venice, from the Lido to the airport, from one of the highest terraces in town.

Penthouse floor. The penthouse floor is made from the Cottoveneto line of tiles called, I Sassi del Piave or the stones inspired by the stones from the bed of the Piave, the river that flows through the Veneto region. The floor is a scaled down modern replica of the floor of the Basilica of San Marco. It is very impressive and the patchwork tile design looks great in the “loft” space of the penthouse, which is minimally decorated, with very little furniture, contemporary art and stainless steel details.

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