Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Friday 8th June – Seen in the Giardini. Beautiful, Margherita Missoni, flew in from New York for a special guided and selected tour by her mother Angela during the Biennale. One of their favorite Pavilions was the British Pavilion. In fact, Angela Missoni gave a pre-Biennale party on their barge Timoteo for Emin. To view the party photos scroll down, down.

Friday 8th June – Giardini: British Pavilion – Tracey Emin – Borrowed Light. Tracey Emin’s exhibition in the British Pavilion includes works specially made for the Biennale. Using a variety of media including embroidery, drawing, painting and neon, Emin’s uniquely intimate form of emotional realism shines through in Borrowed Light. From smudgy monoprints to lightly painted oils and watercolors, Emin interprets moments in her life with an astonishing urgency, much of it describing how it feels to be a body taken over by feeling; exhilarating, frightening, embarrassing confusing, disabling and empowering. Commenting on the exhibition, Emin said: “The chance to exhibit at the Venice Biennale is a great honor and has helped me to redefine what my work really means to me. Borrowed Light is my most feminine body of works so far, very sensual but at the same time it is graphically sharp. It is both pretty and hardcore. For me, as an artist, what’s important is to cover everything from the emotional to the literal, and sometimes that means I give myself a very hard time.

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