Monday, May 21, 2007

VENICE - Palazzo Grassi

Seen at Sequence 1 Exhibition. Camera lady, Bernadette Paassen and film maker Sonja Baeger are making a film about four artists from Berlin. They were following Anselm Reyle around Palazzo Grassi during the opening of the exhibition with their camera faithfully recording everything. Anselm Reyle works seek to resuscitate a whole repertoire of styles associated with high modernism. Whether using monochromatic fields of paint, gestural drips, highly lacquered colored bronze, neon tubing or florescent pigments, Reyle’s futuristic, post-punk sculptures and painting unabashedly embrace the legacy of formalism. There is a succinct overview of Reyle’s diverse artistic practices in the exhibition.

New Yellow, 2007 by Anselm Reyle. This fluorescent yellow wall was painted especially in the gallery for the Sequence 1 exhibition at Palazzo Grassi. “I have been painting the same yellow since I left art school. Only in the past I used to use it as a backdrop for my paintings. Today I like it plain only. I have always been interested in very strong colors.Anselm Reyle explained.

photograph by Manfredi Bellati

Untitled, 2006 by Anselm Reyle. This sculptural installation consists of an accumulation of brightly colored neon tubes that are suspended in a room to resemble an abstract free-floating drawing. Reyle solicited local glass blowers, in Berlin, who graciously gave him hundred of left-over tubes from their workshops. From these scraps he has orchestrated a lyrical constellation of color that calls to mind the generic idea of an expressionistic scribble, drawn in the air.

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