Monday, May 21, 2007

VENICE - Palazzo Grassi

Nu Jaune et Calme, 1963 by Martial Raysse. Anticipating the work of his American Pop counterparts, French artist, Martial Raysse began his career making innovative paintings and sculptural assemblages inspired by advertising and consumer objects. Although one of the oldest oeuvres exhibited at Palazzo Grassi, this ensemble of Raysse’s early works perfectly resonates with that of his younger colleagues. In two of the galleries Raysse’s work is juxtaposed with paintings and sculptures by the young German artist Anselm Reyle. Although Reyle’s work is more abstract, he cites Raysse as a major inspiration – particularly the older artist’s early embrace with neon as an overtly”modern” signifier. In this transgenerational dialogue, Raysse’s 1960s works appear every bit as vital as Reyle’s objects from the past three years. A fitting tribute to a truly visionary artist.

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