Thursday, May 10, 2007

Salone del Mobile 2007

Zona Tortona - Bisazza. Seen at Bisazza Nynke Tynagel and Job Smeets or Studio Job as they are better known. The successful and sought after design duo were being photographed and televised on the Bisazza stand where they were presenting their gigantic pieces covered in white gold mosaic. “This is a surrealistic landscape where bourgeois pieces have a disco skin.” Job explains “We made the pieces so big so that we look small and humble next to them.”

Studio Job for Bisazza. Authentic and unique art pieces, which are precious and ideal for private collections or which can be exhibited in a museum, the Silver Ware installation for Bisazza was designed by Studio Job. The eight, out of scale pieces, thoroughly clad in white gold mosaic depict kitchen utensils. The visitor’s attention was captured by the surprising size of the sculptures that seemed to float in the dreamlike space. They seemed to shimmer, as if they belonged to the fine family silverware collection, “brushed-up” and proposed in a contemporary key, in a gigantic format that brought back memories of the past.

photograph courtesy Moss

Studio Job for Moss. Homework is a collection of eight gigantic compositions in bronze, glass and wood, offered in a limited edition, exclusive to Moss and designed by Studio Job. Part domestic utility, part heroic sculpture, these precious hand-wrought common household objects – including fully functional cooking pots, stools, lanterns and coal bins – magnified to exalted proportions, rendered in polished bronze, and placed upon aged wooden pedestals like sacred statuary or palatial historical busts, exemplify the term ‘oxymoron’, and cast to the winds the traditional approach to both sculptural and design practice.

Studio Job For Thomas Eyck. Thomas Eyck introduces, in the Spazio Rossana Orlandi, Pewter a new collection designed by Studio Job. Five piece collection, in a limited edition, is based on contemporary-archaic handwriting of the designers in perfect harmony with the traditional technique of casting pewter. The grayish colored material gives form to a candle holder, dish, basket, jar and vase. Together with the decoration of grey animals in relief, these objects reflect a fresh and innovated approach to a very old technique.

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