Friday, May 11, 2007

Salone del Mobile 2007

Seen at the Swarovski party. Hostess, Nadja Swarovski. British milliner and designer, Philip Tracey, whose recent project has been as design director of Monogram Hotels flagship property The G, in Ireland. Million dollar star designer, Marc Newson, who rumor has it, will soon be modeling a men’s clothes line. Target Living Ceo, Tara Bernerd and Wild Wild West’s Jo Simon.

Seen at the Swarovski party. Arne Quinze invites us inside his Dream Saver chandelier. Inspiration for the Dream Saver came from Quinze’s desire to revert the experience of looking at crystals from the outside and using them as a source of reflection. His aim is to use the emotional capacity of Swarovski crystals to absorb and release the energy and dreams of people. By doing so, the crystals “look” at the viewer and become a form of energy by turn.

Photograph courtesy Swarovski

Arne Quinze for Swarovski. This big and long tunnel of crystal is called Dream Saver and was designed by Arne Quinze for Swarovski. Shaped for speed and motion, when walking through Dream Saver, visitors experience the magic of crystals and at the same time feel the energy of the previous visitor. Inside there are six projections units and hanging from it are 5.5 km of crystals strands.

Seen at the Swarovski party. Ben Jakober and Yannick Vu, live between Mallorca and Paris. In Mallorca the artists manage the Yannick Vu and Ben Jakober Foundation housed in Alcudia. The main building of the property was designed by Hassan Fathy. It is the only example of work by this genial creator constructed on the principle of the Nubian mud brick buildings.

Photograph courtesy Swarovski

Ben Jakober and Yannick Vu for Swarovski. Titled Arana, the Spanish work for Spider, this chandelier was designed by Ben Jakober and Yannick Vu for Swarovski. “It symbolizes the myth of Arachne, as the creator who measures herself to power (the goddess Athena) and in the process is transformed into a spider for her temerity and condemned to weave eternally. We had already done a spider web in fiber optics in the nineties, called Website, so it was time to give a luminous body to its creator, Arana.” they explain.

Seen at the Swarovski Party. Swarovski designer and artist, Natasha Zupan chats with Phillips de Pury's Michaela Neumeister. Natasha, presented her Swarovski chandelier, called Arabacia Punctulata, last December during Art Basel/Miami Beach. The beautiful chandelier is in the shape of a sea urchin and was inspired by a fairy tale about a red Chinese lantern lit underwater.

Seen at the Swarovski Party. Internationally renowned milliner, Philip Treacy chats to his hostess Nadja Swarovski. Treacy has been working for years with Swarovski crystals for his hat collection. However, this is the first time he has designed a chandelier.

Photograph courtesy Swarovski

Philip Treacy for Swarovski. The organic nature of the cascading crystals of the Revolving Crystal Stalactite chandelier, designed by Philip Treacy for Swarovski, is a homage to the Great Stalactite he used to see in the Doolin Cave in Ireland.

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Seen at the Swarovski Party. Glamourous, Dana Swarovski chats with Milan based Austrian banker, Hans Tiefenbacher.

Seen at the Swarovski Party. Tai and Rosita Missoni stand under their Aldebaran Zig Zag chandelier at the Swarovski party. The rows of crystal fringing similar to the Missoni’s fabric fringing are highlighted by the halogens lighting within the structure.

Missoni for Swarovski. The Aldebaran Zig Zag chandelier designed by Tai and Rosita Missoni for Swarovski. The zig zag symbol has always characterized a significant part of the Missoni’s graphic work. Alderbaran is the name of a star that has always fascinated them, a star loved by sailors to whom it brings good luck.

Luca Missoni for Trend. This is one of a series of gigantic, over the top, vases covered in stripes of colorful mosaics designed by Luca Missoni for Trend - Missoni Home. Rosita Missoni has chosen the tall Vases for the hall of the new Missoni Hotel in Edinburgh.

Seen at the Swarovski Party. New York Based Iranian architect Gisue Hariri of Hariri and Hariri posses by her wall appliqu├ęs adapted from the Rock Crystal chandelier for Swarovski. The geometry of the design follows the geographical formations and the cutting of precious stones with very sharp edges, folds and different points.

Seen at the Swarovski Party. Royal fashion retailer, Sheikh Majed Al Sabah posses by his chandelier for Swarovski called Rock Royal. “Being a member of the Kuwait royal family and being in fashion, it was natural for me to design a chandelier with crowns and other icons from my life.” He explains.

Sheikh Majed Al Sabah + Stoique for Swarovski. Multiple rock star tiaras and crowns, as well as, peace signs “To show that we are peaceful.Sheihk Majed Al Sabah stresses, make up the Rock Royal chandelier designed by Al Sabah together with Tomomi Nakajima from Stoique, Japan. “The dark grey color of the chandelier represents the color of oil.” He concludes.

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