Friday, March 30, 2007


Easter – how about? The best chocolate Easter eggs in Milan come from Cova. They are made with the finest natural and genuine raw materials following a process technologically linked to artisan’s tradition. They are made on the premises of this renowned coffee shop on the Via Montenapoleone, in the Golden Rectangle of Milan. It is the trendy meeting place for the Milanese and international fashionistas .When I’m in Milan I always stop by for the best espresso in town and always bump into somebody I know.
Easter egg history: Of all the symbols associated with Easter, the most identifiable is the egg, the symbol of fertility and new life. The first chocolate Easter eggs can be traced to France and Germany in the early 1800’s when an egg was hollowed out and filled with chocolate.

The Cova Colomba cake is the best in Milan. Made daily on the premises, it is always fresh and delicious. It is shaped in the form of a dove, symbol of peace, therefore, is an appropriate desert for the Easter season.
Legend: In the year 1100 the bakers of the city of Pavia were asked to make cakes in the shape of the dove to give to Emperor Fredrick I, known as Red Beard, as he was fond of hunting them. The emperor had ordered the capture of all the virgin girls of the city. Each girl brought a dove cake to the emperor, and declared that her name was Colomba. After tasting them all, he was full and satisfied and decided to free all the maidens.

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