Saturday, March 31, 2007


Easter – how about? Buying a fine Florentine straw “Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it…”, for the Easter Parade, in Venice from Valeria Bellinaso. This tiny boutique is one of my favorite. It is full of beautiful colorful accessories. Valeria still designs most of them from a base in Sicily. Whilst, Serena Vianello, the owner of the shop, takes care of selecting the best and most elegant accessories in Venice. The silk slipper shoes in the window are a variation on the classic velvet Furlane, which have soles made out of old bicycle tires. The rose silk scarf can also be worn as a necklace. You’ll also find a selection of jackets, bags and gloves in many bright and colorful colors.
Tradition: Put on your Easter bonnet on Sunday 8th April, 2007 and go to, The Avenue, Fifth Avenue, for The Easter Parade. It's fun to just stroll around admiring the bonnets and costumed pets.

Valeria Bellinaso: Campo Sant'Aponal - San Polo 1226 - Venice - +39 041 5223351

More nice hot and cold colors for straw hats made in Florence. I love to wear hats and nearly always do. Whatever looks good on me is fine, whether it is a NY Yankees baseball cap, because I love NY, more than anything else, or a wide brimmed straw hat in summer. In winter, I always wear fur hats, because I find them very glamorous and warm.

Note: all the colors in this selection of fine leather and suede gloves.

Tradition: until a few decades ago it was not elegant to go out in town, in summer and in winter, without wearing a pair of gloves. Queen Elisabeth still adheres to this unspoken rule today. And, she also always wears hats.

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