Friday, February 02, 2007

PARIS - Boutique Assouline

At the Boutique Assouline. If you enjoy looking at fashion, design, art and architecture picture and coffee table books as much as I do, you’ll never leave this fascinating bookstore on the Rue Bonaparte. And, when you do, your wallet will be a lot lighter. Beware! Assouline is more a boutique than a regular bookstore. Their latest book is called The Light of Paris, photographs by Jean-Michel Berts, and text by Pierre Assouline. This black and white photographic book is a moving homage to Paris. The photographs are taken at dusk or dawn after the swarming crowds have deserted the streets and the hum and buzz of traffic has subsided. Separately, you can also buy beautiful framed photographs printed from the book. As King Francois I once said “Paris is not a city it’s a world.

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