Friday, February 02, 2007

PARIS - Another Chocolate Boutique

At Pierre Marcolini. Let’s carry on with our gastronomic chocolatier and patisserie tour of Paris with a stop at Belgian chocolatier, Pierre Marcolini on the Rue de Seine. From the outside the store looks like a jewelers, the walls are painted white with black lettering, that so reminds us of a certain Mademoiselle...but after all we are in Paris. The extensive collection boast unique flavors such as liquorice, Earl Grey tea, passion fruit, violet and most centers are ganache-based. I also adored the chocolate covered marshmallows. Marcolini say’s there is some truth in chocolate being an aphrodisiac “It contains Theo bromine, methyl-xanthenes, phenyl-yalanine, which together act as stimulants, inducing the emotion of falling in love. If you can’t make the Paris boutique, don’t worry you can find them in his other stores in London, New York or Tokyo.
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