Wednesday, October 25, 2006

People - Music This is the story of Miki Singh, or Jeet for his friends. He is the lead singer of the band, Dragonfly. When Jeet, who is half Indian and half Indonesian, graduated from MIT he formed a computer company with two class mates. He was one of the first original dot comers to cash in on the tech stock craze, this made him the 23rd richest man under forty on the Forbes list a few years ago. He left the company, changed lifestyle and bought a seventy acre estate in Saint Barths where he devotes his time to writing music. He is currently touring the U.S.A. and Europe with the release of his second album, called Blind, which blends traditional Indian instruments with the bands high energy and funk sounds. It was presented in New York at The Annex with a hip party of friends from St Barths, downtowners and rock and rollers. It was so much fun. The CD is bound to have a lot of success.
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