Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Bakery For the past thirty years this used to be a classic family bakery, but it ran out of generations who wanted to cook. Build a Green Bakery took it over and made a model environmentally friendly bakery. Everything is made of sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, recycled, recylable, vintage and found materials. The floor is made of cork and the walls are made of wheat - just like the baked goods. The paint is milk protein, the table is bamboo and recycled denim....... I can carry on, but let me tell you about the delicious muffins, scones and cookies which are made from, yes you got it, organic flour, sugar, oats, raisins and eggs. They also have two vegan oatmeal cookies. And if you arrive by bike you get a fifty percent discount. What a wonderful way to contribute to the environment, let's hope many more will follow.
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