Wednesday, August 23, 2006

La Colombe d'Or. You certainly don't come to eat at La Colombe d'Or for the food, but for the celebrity spotting and the atmosphere where the provencal art of living is associated with one of the most astonishing private collections of modern art. While we were there for lunch, billionaire, Saudi arms-dealer and businessman Adnan Khashoggi walked in with French philosopher, intellectual and writer, Bernard-Henri Levy. Now, the only thing I can possibly imagine these two VIPs have in common is that they always dress in the same way. Their "uniforms" consists of, for Khashoggi; a safari style, pale blue "polyester" suit, with short sleeves, white T shirt, socks and moccasins and for Bernard-Henri Levy, a white shirt and black trousers, though in Summer, the shirt is mostly unbuttoned. Both were with their respective wives, Lamia and French actress, Arielle Dombasle. They had a very healthy and abundant basket of crudite as a first course. The same evening saw rock star Keith Richards there for an early dinner. He was in Nice for The Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang World Tour. He was wearing a Burgundy scarf on his head, tied "a la Johnny Depp" in Pirates of the Caribbean, his shirt was also unbuttoned, way down and he was wearing two silver necklaces, one with a gothic cross and the compulsory dark shades associated with celebrities. Dining with him were is wife Patti Hansen and their two girls Alexandra and Theodora. Did you know that the Rolling Stones free concert on Copacabana beach in Rio was attended by 2 Million fans?

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